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      A few victims reported losing approximately thousands of dollars after being scammed by a fraudulent crypto investment scheme on They were contacted by an individual claiming to be a successful crypto investor who convinced them to invest more money, promising high returns and even suggesting taking out interest-free loans.

      In one case, the scam started with small investments and grew quickly. The scammer convinced the victim to add more money to their account, promising higher returns. Eventually, the victim realized it was a scam after being alerted by a friend and finding multiple scam reports about

      If you have been scammed by or have any information about this scam, please share your story and help us fight against these fraudulent activities. Domain Analysis is a recently registered domain created on January 10, 2024, and set to expire on January 10, 2025. The domain is registered with Pte. Ltd., and its status is clientTransferProhibited, indicating that it is protected from unauthorized transfers. The domain is hosted by Tcloudnet, Inc., with an IP address of, and is associated with AS399077 Tcloudnet AS name: TERAEXCH, located in San Jose, United States.

      The website’s ownership and administrative contacts are heavily shielded, with all registrant details redacted for privacy, making it challenging to identify the individuals behind the site. utilizes name servers and, and its DNSSEC status is unsigned, which can be a red flag for security concerns.

      The website has no significant organic or paid search traffic and maintains a low domain authority score. Its backlinks are predominantly nofollow links from various low-quality web directories and backlink services, suggesting that the site’s visibility and reputation are artificially inflated.

      Critical Summary of Content presents itself as a platform for cryptocurrency investment, offering various services, including locked mining, coin transfer, IEO (Initial Exchange Offerings), and transactions. The site highlights attractive features, such as daily rates of return for locked USDT (Tether) investments and zero transaction fees, designed to lure potential investors.

      A notable aspect is the website’s design and functionality. While the homepage is accessible and indexed on Google, most sections, including vital areas like ‘About’ and ‘Contact,’ are inaccessible without logging in. The site predominantly displays a dashboard with various options for financial transactions and investments, but the lack of accessible company information and contact details is highly suspicious.

      Red Flags

      1. High Returns on Investment: The site promises unusually high daily returns for locked USDT investments, a classic hallmark of a Ponzi scheme or high-risk scam.
      2. No Verifiable Contact Information: There are no disclosed contact details, such as phone numbers, emails, or physical addresses that can be independently verified. All contact forms link to privacy-protected URLs.
      3. Lack of Regulatory Information: No information is provided regarding regulatory compliance, licensing, or any affiliations with recognized financial authorities, which raises doubts about the legitimacy of the operations.

      Annimex Reviews

      Reports on Scamdoc and Scamwatcher highlight a very low trust score of 1%, describing the site as a fake trading platform that allows deposits but prevents withdrawals.

      According to a scam report from April 9, 2024, has been used in pig butchering scams, where victims are manipulated into making substantial investments.

      If you have been scammed by or have any information about this scam, please share your story and help us fight against these fraudulent activities.

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        Rodger smith

          Same  story

          I received an anonymous phone call one Saturday afternoon. I did not know the person they did not know me.

          They pushed hard to get me involved in trading which I’ve never done before and they showed me there trading amounts and their profit amount

          So I started slowly. They did not want 500 or 800. They said I needed to start with 1100 and then I added another thousand I added more.
          I had some bills to pay off, but the money invested was all I had so when I reached a certain amount approximately 50,000 I wanted to withdraw 40,000 to pay my bills.    Even though I had left in the system, 11,000 to continue trading, they said I needed to add another six or 7000 to get my 40,000 out    They would not take the money out of my 40,000 to pay off the six or 7000 they wanted nor would they take money out of my 11,000 I had remaining in the system but they wanted another six or 7000 cash to be added in in which I did not have that amount left so now I have money sitting there supposedly they cannot be withdrawn out, and the girl is gone. Will not reply back and I left without any money.     She always sounded nice. She was always very helpful until I couldn’t pay anymore.

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              Hi Rodger,

              Thank you for sharing your experience with It sounds very similar to what other victims have reported. The tactics of asking for increasingly larger investments and then refusing to allow withdrawals unless more money is added are classic signs of a scam.

              Given the significant amount of money you’ve lost, I recommend contacting CNC Intelligence for assistance. They offer a free initial consultation and can provide expert guidance and support in tracing and potentially recovering your funds. CNC Intelligence specializes in cryptocurrency investigations and has helped many victims of similar scams.

              Stay safe,

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