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      Urgent Warning for Cryptocurrency Users

      We have identified a significant scam operating under the guise of a cryptocurrency recovery service named “Scam Retrieve.” This fraudulent operation advertises services to recover lost or stolen cryptocurrencies but is actually designed to defraud victims further.

      Scam Details:

      • Scam Name: Scam Retrieve
      • Website:
      • Notable Transactions and Scam Activities:
      • Ethereum Scam Addresses:
      • 0xE976f8F54C7B4cFc1718420c2B31672dd244ac9f (CDN)
      • 0xb8E9c0feB112E30215590F2A33B73f71Df25F2BB (ArgoNetwork)
      • Bitcoin Scam Addresses:
      • bc1q480ytmkuu74rydt6hfcfw2dd2kejtlqt95rpq0 (Aavewin)
      • bc1q79vlmnj006ep926vt8vnxjauchye2ynd39ld9h (ArgoNetwork)
      • bc1qksqh3xf4pypgpalcy5qn46599k6aayhzjclk2w (Binance Investments)

      Your financial security might be at risk if you have interacted with this site or have made any transactions to or from these addresses. Individuals who have encountered “Scam Retrieve” or similar operations are encouraged to share their experiences. Your stories can help others avoid these traps and contribute to tracking down the culprits.

      For those affected: Please report your experience, provide any transaction hashes, and provide any correspondence with the scam operators. This information is invaluable for both public awareness and potential investigations by authorities.

      Stay vigilant and always verify the legitimacy of any service offering cryptocurrency recovery.

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