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      A new investment scam has surfaced, targeting cryptocurrency users. This scheme operates through, promising unrealistically high returns of 30%, 60%, and even 80% within 24 hours. However, users cannot withdraw their funds without paying multiple additional fees, including MTN code fees, MFA fees, and a release fee, cumulatively exceeding the initial investment.

      Case Details:

      • Scam Name: Return Arena Investment
      • Scam Website URL:
      • Transaction Hash: 6186912896e321240a905a6f9ef910e31a5a41af6e3d6d136f3581d982fdc90d
      • Receiving Address: TDauTApVoWJbGCet9LYjLFaNPmp1ZhSk71

      The victim initially invested $100 USDT, but to retrieve their funds, they were pressured into paying escalating additional fees totaling over $16,000. Realizing the fraudulent nature of the scheme, the victim ceased further payments.

      Warning: Any investment requiring additional payments to release funds should be approached cautiously, as it is a common tactic in scam operations.

      If you have been affected by this or a similar scam, please share your experience to help warn others and gather information for potential investigations.

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