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      Urgent Alert to the Cryptocurrency Community and New Investors: A concerning scam has been reported involving an entity known as CoinBitEdge. This scam preys on individuals new to cryptocurrency investment, promising low entry investments and unrealistically high daily profits.

      Details of the Scam:

      • Modus Operandi: Victims are enticed with the opportunity to invest a minimal amount in cryptocurrency, only to discover later that a separate fee or commission must be paid to access their purported profits. These profits are not accessible for withdrawal and are instead placed in a “locked wallet,” with additional demands for money to unlock the wallet.
      • Scammer Tactics: The scammer becomes increasingly pushy when victims show reluctance to continue investing or when they question the legitimacy of the investment scheme.
      • Financial Loss: One victim has reported a significant loss of $12,500 after being caught in this fraudulent scheme.
      • Victim Location: OH, USA (44662)
      • Date Reported: November 17, 2023

      If you’ve been targeted or victimized by CoinBitEdge or have encountered a similar cryptocurrency investment scam, your story can help prevent others from suffering the same fate.

      Together, we can raise awareness and protect our community from these predatory schemes.

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