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      Attention to those active in cryptocurrency transactions: a scam known as the “Crypto Cloud Management Scam” has been reported. Individuals have been approached through social media platforms like TikTok. They are lured into a fraudulent scheme involving Bitcoin purchases and deposits into bank accounts with promises of substantial gifts or returns.

      Key Details for OSINT Investigations:

      • Scam Website URL: (Note: URL may be incorrect or a misspelling of a legitimate site; exercise caution)
      • Transaction Hash: txid:RDK37T
      • Receiving Address: 1BdThnSzwp2Lg6Fm3qDTNjsj3xVUeMRFbh

      In one instance, a victim was deceived into purchasing Bitcoin and sending it to a scammer’s wallet. The scam included false bank deposits using fraudulent checks, resulting in the victim’s bank account being flagged for suspicious activity and ultimately closed due to the fraudulent activity associated with the account.

      Anyone who has fallen victim to the “Crypto Cloud Management Scam” or has encountered suspicious activities from or similar operations is strongly encouraged to share their experiences. Your insights could significantly contribute to ongoing investigations and help prevent others from falling prey to similar scams.

      For Victims: If you have evidence such as transaction details, communication logs, or other related information, your input could be particularly valuable.

      Legitimate investment opportunities or gift offers will never require you to send money or provide sensitive banking information upfront. Stay alert, question unsolicited offers, and conduct thorough research before engaging in any online financial transactions.

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