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      A concerning scam has been reported involving an individual using the name “Alice,” claiming to be a wealthy Chinese national from Hong Kong, currently residing in Los Angeles, California. The scam involves an elaborate backstory, including unsolicited contact, photos of a beautiful Asian woman, and claims of a rich and powerful family. The scammer, using the phone number (501) 983-3336, engages victims with promises of teaching them how to make easy money through investing in cryptocurrency, specifically through creating accounts with and a DeFi wallet.

      Scam Details:

      • Location of Targeted Individual: FL, USA – 34747
      • Scammer’s Claimed Location: Los Angeles, CA
      • Contact Number: (501) 983-3336
      • Referenced Website: (Note: This mention is part of the scam and does not imply that is involved in fraudulent activities)
      • Scam Type: Cryptocurrency

      This scam involves sophisticated social engineering techniques, including the use of photoshopped images and video chats, to gain trust before leading victims into potentially fraudulent cryptocurrency investments.

      For OSINT Investigators:

      • The scammer’s phone number and claimed location are crucial pieces of information that can be used to trace their activities.
      • Given the elaborate nature of this scam, individuals targeted by “Alice” or similar personas may have received digital correspondence or documents that could provide further leads.

      If you’ve been approached by “Alice” or have fallen victim to a similar cryptocurrency scam, sharing your story could help others avoid these deceitful tactics. Your experience could also provide valuable information for ongoing investigations.

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