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      We have received a troubling report regarding a cryptocurrency scam that appears to be targeting individuals who are less familiar with digital currency transactions. The scam is executed under the guise of a support service for Moonpay, a well-known payment gateway. The fraudulent activity uses a suspicious email handle,, which is not a legitimate contact address for the actual Moonpay service.

      Case Details:

      • Nature of Scam: Cryptocurrency purchase scam.
      • Scam Name: Falsely using “Moonpay”
      • Scam Contact:
      • Transaction Details:
      • Amounts: Transactions varied from 100 AUD to 1500 AUD.
      • Bitcoin Addresses Used in Transactions:
      • 1GJF1HJ75QG2iPGobuzZghedjUTCNi6tQS
      • 1Z3SS784U7E8KPS8
      • More details can be found in the transaction receipts.

      We urge anyone scammed by this or similar schemes to come forward and share their story. Your information could help others avoid falling victim to such fraudulent practices. If you have interacted with the scam website or transacted with the provided Bitcoin addresses, please provide additional details. This information is crucial for Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) investigations and could assist in tracking down the perpetrators.

      Note: Always verify the authenticity of the website and email addresses before conducting any transactions. Official support channels for legitimate services are typically hosted on the official domain rather than generic email services.

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