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      Dear Community,

      I recently came across, an investment platform that claims to offer risk-free returns through active trading in various financial markets, including cryptocurrency. However, upon closer examination, several red flags have emerged, suggesting that this platform may not be as trustworthy as it appears.

      Key Concerns:

      1. Fake Team and CEO: showcases images and names of a CEO and team members who seem to have no real association with the platform. This raises doubts about the integrity and legitimacy of the business.

      2. Unrealistic Returns: The platform promises daily profits ranging from 10% to 20%, which is highly unrealistic and typical of schemes aiming to lure investors with promises of quick and high returns.

      3. Fake Registration Certificates: Company registration certificates displayed on the website have been found to be falsified upon closer examination, indicating potential fraudulent activities.

      4. Zero Risk Claim: claims to offer zero-risk investments, which is misleading and not feasible, especially in volatile markets like cryptocurrency.

      BBB Complaint:

      A recent complaint filed with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) reported being scammed for $525 by, further highlighting concerns about the platform’s legitimacy.


      Considering these red flags and concerns, it is crucial for investors to proceed with caution when dealing with Engaging with this platform could potentially lead to significant financial losses. It is advisable to thoroughly research any investment opportunity, seek transparency, and verify the credibility of the platform before committing funds.

      Stay vigilant and prioritize security when exploring investment options.

      Sathish M

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