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      We have received a serious complaint regarding a cryptocurrency scam that imitates the official Smog Airdrop, misleading users to send funds to a scammer’s address. The fraudulent website linked to this scam is:

      Scam Website URL:

      This site may appear only one character off from the official link, which scammers often use as a tactic to deceive vigilant users. The scam involved prompting users on Telegram, where people were awaiting airdrop information, and providing a scam URL.

      The victim sent a substantial amount of cryptocurrency to the scammer’s wallet, specifically 50,005 SMOG tokens, valued at approximately $1,700 at the time of the transaction.

      Transaction Details for OSINT Investigation:

      • Transaction Hash: 2BY89APNP4VQ6nuQQskmJJxt1mim2udZNDV2cjy6tvjdhuKQQFwu21Q5BdFWoKczvZyRNVFoaKX4rmFqrV6NbWHL
      • Scam Name: Smog Airdrop
      • Receiving Address: 7q9mPGHShUHQMjj9rJ8Xv5U7i5R4BHKZwKCn5AASoGBL

      Please be vigilant and always double-check URLs before engaging in any transactions. If you have been affected by this scam or have engaged in transactions involving the receiving address above, please come forward and share your story. This can help investigations and prevent others from falling victim to similar scams.

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