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      We urge you to stay vigilant as a new case of fund transfer scam has come to light. An individual mistakenly sent 444.65 Fantom (FTM) tokens to an incorrect address through a different network. This was a slip, but scammers are exploiting such errors.

      • Transaction Hash: 0xb37fa62ea1fb134abedb1ee9c1c78d95ca91c9b0a673b6a9b47c9745e778eaf1
      • Scam Website URL: Provided as (Note: The actual is not a scam, but fraudsters may set up fake sites to mimic legitimate ones)
      • Receiving Address: 0x27D7C0B40E1B5273E8F7CAbF9ff3F2695195A1B7

      The receiving address is active with approximately 93 million Shiba Inu tokens. It’s a reminder of how crucial it is to double-check addresses before transferring cryptocurrency.

      Please share your story if you’ve fallen victim to a similar scam. By bringing these incidents to light, we can better understand the scammers’ tactics and help others avoid these traps. Remember, the community’s strength lies in its unity and information sharing.

      Stay safe, and always triple-check before making a transaction.

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