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      🚨 Community Alert: A concerning report has surfaced regarding a scam under the guise of cryptocurrency and forex mentorship.

      Case Details:

      • Type of Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin
      • Scam Accusation: Fake mentorship and investment scheme
      • Scam Website URL: (This URL is suspicious as it closely mimics the legitimate Please exercise extreme caution and verify the website’s authenticity before engaging.)
      • Receiving Address: 5H7X1DHOE55M (This appears to be a transaction number or an internal reference number rather than a cryptocurrency address.)

      The victim was lured into an alleged cryptocurrency and forex learning and investment program, with an initial minimum investment of $2,500. After transferring the money, they were pressured to increase the investment to $6,000. They were denied after declining and requesting a refund, leading to financial loss and distress.

      If you’ve encountered similar scenarios, especially involving the aforementioned website, or have been contacted by this scheme through social media platforms like TikTok, we urge you to:

      • Share your story and transaction details to help identify patterns and raise awareness.
      • Provide any other contact information, transaction hashes, and wallet addresses related to your interaction with the scam.
      • Report the incident to the appropriate authorities and financial institutions.

      Sharing your experience can be instrumental in preventing further scams and assisting victims and investigators to track down the perpetrators.

      ⚠️ Reminder: Always be skeptical of unsolicited investment offers, particularly those requiring cryptocurrency transfers. Legitimate mentorship programs do not demand hefty upfront investments. Verify all information and seek advice from financial advisors or trusted sources before committing funds.

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