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      A woman named Kimberley followed me on Instagram, and after I followed her back, she began discussing bitcoin mining, claiming to be a successful miner and promising significant returns in a short period. Initially, she suggested a minimum deposit of $500, but when I said I couldn’t afford it, she lowered the starting amount to $100. I went ahead and purchased Bitcoin through my Cash App, sending it to a wallet address linked to the website she mentioned. My account immediately reflected a profit of $520.

      However, she later claimed that since I hadn’t met the $500 minimum deposit, I couldn’t withdraw my profit. She used religious references to persuade me to invest an additional $200, assuring me that this would enable a withdrawal and increase my profit. This time, I sent Ethereum from my Coinbase wallet, and my profit supposedly rose to $2,500. Still, I was unable to withdraw the funds because I hadn’t met the $500 minimum.

      After conducting further research on the company and her claims, I realized it was a scam. Kimberley continued to contact me almost daily, trying to convince me to deposit an additional $200. She even claimed to have contributed $100 of her own money to encourage me to match it. I proposed a 60-40 split, suggesting that if she added the remaining $100, and I could successfully withdraw $2,500, I would give her $1,000 and keep $1,500. This was under the condition that unless this happened, I wouldn’t invest any more money. I accepted the $300 loss, knowing Bitcoin is untraceable, and realized that they preferred communication through WhatsApp due to its encryption. This knowledge, along with other discoveries about their operations, came only after I had already lost $300 to this scam.

      Scammer email:

      Phone number: (447) 575-2527

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