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      Hello Community,

      I’m reaching out to issue a warning about two platforms that have come under scrutiny for their dubious practices – and There are increasing reports suggesting these platforms may be engaging in scam-like activities, particularly concerning withdrawal issues and deceptive operational tactics.

      If you’ve had any dealings with OEXBAKE or OEXFLY, or if you’ve found yourself unable to retrieve your funds, your insights could be invaluable to others in our community. We’re gathering stories to better understand the scope of these platforms’ actions and to offer support to those affected.

      Have you been a victim? Did you encounter issues with withdrawals, or notice anything suspicious during your interactions with OEXBAKE or OEXFLY? Perhaps there was confusion between these platforms and more reputable ones like OEX or OKEX?

      Please share your experiences below. Your story could be the warning sign that others need to avoid falling into similar traps.

      Stay safe and informed,

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          Hello Tariq,

          Thank you for sharing the details of your interaction with OEXBAKE and the subsequent difficulties you’ve encountered with your account being frozen. We understand how distressing and frustrating it must be to find yourself in this situation.

          Based on the information you’ve provided, particularly the request for a deposit of 5000 USDT to unfreeze your account, it is a common tactic employed by fraudulent platforms to extract more funds from their victims. Legitimate financial and trading platforms do not require payment to unlock or unfreeze accounts in this manner. This practice is a red flag indicating a scam.

          It’s crucial to approach this situation cautiously and refrain from sending any additional funds to the platform or any associated addresses. Doing so would likely result in further financial loss without resolving the issue.

          Stay vigilant and informed,

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            This is the transcript


            Chat Transcript

            Visitor: Tariq Feroze

            Accepted Operator: Operator 1

            Company: okex888

            Started: 29-Feb-2024 1:33:56 AM

            Finished: 29-Feb-2024 1:37:18 AM


            1:33:56 AM: Tariq Feroze:

            How to unfreeze account


            1:33:56 AM: System:

            Welcome Tariq Feroze! Your request has been directed to our support team. Please wait for an operator to answer your call.


            1:34:07 AM: System:

            Call accepted by operator Operator 1. Currently in room: Operator 1, Tariq Feroze.


            1:34:15 AM: Operator 1:

            Please provide your Email address.


            1:34:20 AM: Tariq Feroze:



            1:34:23 AM: Operator 1:

            Please wait while we check for you.


            1:35:42 AM: Operator 1:

            Dear User: As advised, your account was frozen because you failed to comply with the instructions necessary to finish your withdrawals. As of the moment, if you wish to move on as per system stipulations, you’re required to settle 5001 USDT from the second address that you used to recharge with us for the unfreezing of your account and continue using the platform. Once ready, we will provide the receiving address. Thank you.


            1:36:36 AM: Tariq Feroze:

            Send me the instructions for withdrawals please




            Visitor Details

            Your Name: Tariq Feroze

            Your Question: How to unfreeze account

            IP Address:


            Browser/OS: Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 14; SAMSUNG SM-G996B) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) SamsungBrowser/23.0 Chrome/ Mobile Safari/537.36





            This transcript email message was automatically generated by


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              Following on from my post  my account is now frozen  and oexbake are asking 5000 usdt to unfreeze my account.   Is this practice legit or have they scammed me.  They will not unfreeze my account unless I deposit 5,000 usdt


              Please help any advice

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                On February 25, 2024, we received the following complaint regarding an investment scam by a person who reported being scammed for 42,791 USDT.

                Scam Website:

                Description of the Incident:
                The victim reported that attempts to withdraw small amounts of USDT were continuously denied without any clear explanation.

                Chat Transcript Overview:
                The chat began on February 24, 2024, at 8:49:04 AM and ended at 9:03:54 AM with an operator from a company named okex888.

                Key Points from the Chat:

                • The victim inquired about the minimum and maximum withdrawal limits.
                • The operator requested the victim’s email address, which was initially provided incorrectly and then corrected.
                • The operator informed the victim that the minimum withdrawal is 10 USDT and there is no maximum limit, depending on the user’s choice.
                • The victim expressed frustration about his withdrawals being rejected and sought clarification on the issue.
                • The operator responded with unclear instructions, urging the victim to follow previous advice to avoid losses and technical issues.
                • The victim repeatedly asked for help regarding the withdrawal rejections and requested someone knowledgeable in withdrawals.
                • The operator concluded by warning the victim that his account would be automatically frozen the following day as per technicians’ advice and reiterated the need for the victim to resolve the issue as previously instructed.
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                  Hello Tariq,

                  We’re very sorry to hear about your situation with OEXBAKE and the trouble you’re experiencing with withdrawing your USDT. It’s important to address such issues promptly, especially when they involve significant sums and impact your financial well-being.

                  Given the details you’ve provided, it seems like you might be dealing with a platform that’s not operating in good faith. Dealing with such entities can be challenging and often requires a nuanced approach to navigate the complexities of recovering funds.

                  CNC Intelligence specializes in assisting individuals affected by scams, including issues related to cryptocurrency transactions and withdrawals. Their team of experts has a wealth of experience in dealing with complex cases involving digital assets and can provide you with the guidance and support you need to address this situation effectively.

                  We encourage you to schedule a free consultation with their team. During this consultation, you can discuss the specifics of your case, explore potential strategies for fund recovery, and determine the best course of action moving forward:


                  You can contact them directly through their website or contact their support team to set up your consultation. Remember, taking prompt and informed action is crucial in situations like this.

                  Stay safe,

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                    I cannot withdraw from oexbake as it keeps saying turned down. I have 42000 usdt

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