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      We are warning about an ongoing scam involving multiple bitcoin transactions linked to a fraudulent takeover of a Cash App account. This scheme has resulted in unauthorized transfers being made from a compromised debit card to purchase bitcoins throughout March 2024. The fraudulent activities have led to funds being distributed to several bitcoin wallets.

      Key Transaction:

      • Date: March 21, 2024
      • Transaction Hash: 82afee1e6fe6612f57a4b6660fd5f09bf09b969921d8a38fcdb8f4ac50f3d7d9
      • Amount: 0.02281917 BTC
      • Fees: 0.00003897 BTC
      • From: 13So9cGnZCRguPo7C3xbeFB5sEoxqHSjNZ
      • To: Multiple wallets (total of 11)

      Addresses Linked to the Scam:

      • 32hv6ixLGsWhTXp8QydtoK98rF95yibWZC
      • 1CR9ZGgsEX6v2Ry1sJ7pUePmWSEbZabG9z
      • bc1q2mmxazw6zsfcfp8j4m2wtga0rcxa5wax48jnth
      • 1MramXdRs2GVJTSdaM9YCKowPLdkAEh7bT
      • 13So9cGnZCRguPo7C3xbeFB5sEoxqHSjNZ
      • 1JtdojBU2BHf92RJL7RWia8TaeYmeWoXbt
      • 3FQXsvnhJVsgS6XMDS5u6F2MBos88n6nxX
      • bc1qdurqm3zjpenxlx8wh3gayqwmy8l5g7g0qtd8g0
      • 3B1bkiTUignenqFVtsCdwAuuXeevhYmC8r
      • bc1q6dhu6nwture0hg229yx4c63krdhv5gmqf0pnh6
      • 1EkSsY9WWo42voNjLACNi7ss3puFwEKzG2

      If you have been affected by this scam or have any information about these bitcoin addresses or transactions, please share your experience to help build a case against the fraudsters. Victims of similar scams are encouraged to come forward with their stories and any additional information that may assist in ongoing investigations. Your input could be crucial in preventing further losses and bringing the perpetrators to justice.

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