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      Hello everyone,

      I want to share a distressing experience that my friends, neighbors, and I encountered, which serves as a stark warning against online investment scams, particularly in the realm of cryptocurrency.

      In May 2022, a girl named Amber approached my friend online and subsequently introduced us to a supposedly lucrative investment opportunity. She directed us to a new website dealing with a cryptocurrency called HTA, promising that our investments could double or triple in just a few days. Eager to learn more, she encouraged us to gather information from various sources about these coins or tokens.

      Motivated by the potential of high returns, we collectively deposited over $10,000 USD on the website (which was available at a URL similar to Amber also formed a WhatsApp group, adding many of my friends and neighbors to discuss and promote this investment.

      Tragically, this venture turned out to be a scam. The website disappeared from search engines, Amber left the WhatsApp group, and all of us lost our entire investments. At the time, we were clueless about how to file a complaint or seek recourse.

      Since then, I’ve educated myself on the steps to lodge a formal complaint and have done so. However, I’m now reaching out to this community for assistance. If anyone has information on how to track down individuals like Amber or has advice on recovering funds lost in such cryptocurrency-related scams, your guidance would be immensely valuable.

      Please take this as a cautionary tale. Always be vigilant and do thorough research before investing in any online platforms, especially those involving cryptocurrencies. Your advice and support in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you for your time and attention.

      Best regards,

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