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      I wanted to share my frustrating experience with OOJO Travel Agency to hopefully prevent others from falling into a similar trap. Back in April, I booked a flight through OOJO Travel Agency for a total of $2,302, flying with Singapore Airlines. Everything seemed fine until October, when I received a call from this number (888-875-0721) informing me that my flight was not confirmed. To my surprise, they demanded an additional payment of $718.55 to confirm it, which I reluctantly paid.

      However, my troubles didn’t end there. Due to a medical emergency, I was forced to cancel the trip. Upon calling the same number, I was told that in order to get a refund, I had to pay a $536.99 cancellation penalty. They assured me that the flight was already canceled and that I would receive my refund within two weeks.

      Imagine my shock when, last Saturday, I received an email instructing me to contact the travel agent for further details. When I reached out to OOJO Travel Agency, they simply brushed me off, advising me to contact Singapore Airlines directly. To make matters worse, when I called the airline, they had no record of the payments I had made, nor of any cancellation.

      This has been a nightmare of hidden fees, poor communication, and downright unprofessional service. I urge everyone to be cautious when dealing with OOJO Travel Agency or similar agencies. It’s a costly lesson I’ve learned, and I hope my experience can help others avoid the same fate.

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