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      Scam Alert on

      A troubling report has come to our attention regarding a cryptocurrency mining scam involving the platform “Easy Mining.” The individual affected has reported a substantial loss and potential fraudulent activity connected to this site.

      Details of the Incident:

      • Scammer Contact Method: Mainly through Telegram and email (
      • Address of Scammer (as reported): Weissendung, 42b Amott Rd, London, SE15 4JD, United Kingdom.
      • Reported Loss: $16,000 initially, with an additional $1,000 requested by the scammers.
      • Current Status: The victim has paid for a plan and electricity but cannot withdraw the promised funds, now totaling $15,200. A further payment is being solicited.

      Please share your story if you have experienced similar issues with Easy Mining or have any information regarding transactions to the platform hosted at Your insights could help prevent further victims and assist in tracking down the entities behind this scam.

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