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      A recent complaint has been brought to our attention involving a cryptocurrency scam related to a platform calling itself “Propeller.” Individuals are being lured into a scheme that prevents them from withdrawing their money after making a supposed investment.

      Scam Details:

      – Cryptocurrency Involved: Bitcoin Cash
      – Transaction Hash: 1d09c13fb45c03159f709f8a03c64d6de4cb5384169c129be608644ec561c60c
      – Scam Platform Name: Propeller
      – Scam Website URL:
      – Receiving Address: TMZEQJujGUt8Agsqq3bPtQ2e31WMPU6F5Z

      If you have been affected by the “Propeller” platform or similar scams, please come forward and share your story. Your information could be crucial in preventing others from falling victim and could assist in any ongoing investigations. We encourage you to provide:

      – Your Experience: How were you approached, and how did the scam unfold?
      – Evidence: Any documentation, screenshots, or correspondence that could support your claim.
      – Financial Details: Specific amounts transferred, and the way they were requested to be sent.

      What to Do If You’ve Been Scammed:

      1. Report the Incident: Immediately report to your local law enforcement and provide them with all relevant details.
      2. Contact Crypto Exchanges: Alert any exchanges involved that the receiving address is linked to a scam.
      3. Inform Your Network: Use social media and online forums to raise awareness about this specific scam.

      We urge everyone in the crypto community to exercise extreme caution with platforms offering jobs or returns that seem too good to be true. Always conduct thorough research and due diligence before engaging in any transaction or investment.

      Have You Been Scammed by “Propeller”? If so, share your experience below. Your input could be invaluable in helping others avoid similar traps and may contribute to the collective effort to trace the fraudsters.

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