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      A recent scam has surfaced involving the fraudulent platform Protocoin, which operates through hijacked Facebook Messenger accounts. Victims are tricked into transferring money to this scammer under the guise of assistance from a trusted friend whose account has been compromised. Here is a detailed account of the incident:

      A victim in MN, USA (55734) was approached on FB Messenger by someone they believed to be a friend. The scammer, who had hacked their friend’s account, guided them through steps to transfer $1040 from a cryptocurrency coin to Bitcoin and then to a Protocoin account. Throughout the process, the scammer utilized the victim’s name and screenshots but did not directly access their Social Security number or bank account.

      Scammer Information:

      • Location: Newark, NJ
      • Phone Number: (973) 922-0851
      • Platform: FB Messenger
      • Business Name: Protocoin
      • Date Reported: April 24, 2024

      If you have been scammed by Protocoin or encountered similar fraudulent activities, please share your experience. This information could be crucial in identifying and stopping these scammers.

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