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      Urgent Alert to the Online Community:

      A fraudulent scheme involving a website that purports to offer online jobs using OKX as the transfer medium has been reported. The website in question is Victims are lured with promises of employment, and the scam is facilitated through guidance provided on Telegram.

      Details of the Scam:

      • Amount Lost: $100.00 USD
      • Modus Operandi: The scam involves enticing individuals to pursue an online job. The communication and instructions are reportedly carried out through Telegram, adding a layer of perceived legitimacy and personal guidance to the scam.

      What to Look Out For:

      • Fraudulent Website: is identified as the platform used to execute this scam. Exercise extreme caution and avoid any interaction with this site.
      • Communication Channels: The scam uses Telegram for communication. Be wary of any job offers that rely solely on Telegram for instructions and guidance, especially those involving monetary transactions.

      If you or someone you know has fallen victim to this scam, sharing your story is crucial. Your experiences can serve as valuable warnings to others and may provide essential details that could help in ongoing investigations. Particularly useful information can include the specific Telegram contact, any associated wallet addresses for transactions, and other communication or instructions received.

      Your shared experiences and any additional details about the scam’s operation can significantly help us understand and combat such fraudulent schemes. Let’s work together to protect our community from these malicious actors.

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