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      Victims Sought for Experiences with Crypto Scam

      In a distressing account, a job seeker was defrauded of $286,650 in a complex cryptocurrency scam involving the website and a company named Luoyi Trading Co, Ltd. The scam began with a job post on, leading to interactions with an individual using the email and phone numbers 647-477-1863 and 647-477-3419 on WhatsApp, claiming to be LiYu Lin of Luoyi Trading Co, Ltd.

      Scam Operation Details:

      • Initial Contact: Via and email (
      • Communication Channels: Phone (647-477-1863, 647-477-3419), WhatsApp, and WeChat ID: TAKE-6650.
      • Fraudulent Business: Luoyi Trading Co, Ltd, claimed to be involved in the IndoEx network platform.
      • Scam Website:, purportedly offering cryptocurrency trading opportunities.
      • False Promises: Encouraged investments in short-term trading of ETH, requiring increasing deposits under the guise of unlocking funds or paying risk margins and fees.
      • Lost Funds: Total of $286,650 transferred under various pretenses including risk margins and green channel fees.

      For OSINT Investigations:

      • Email Address: may provide leads on the scammer’s identity or related activities.
      • Phone Numbers: 647-477-1863, 647-477-3419, and an additional lawyer contact 647-660-7952 claiming to represent LiYu Lin, could be crucial in tracking the scam network.
      • Websites: Analysis of `` and for their role in this scam.
      • Company Name: Luoyi Trading Co, Ltd and the IndoEx network platform, including any registration details or associations.
      • Address Used: 160 Horner Ave, Etobicoke, ON M8Z 4X8 Canada, was falsely provided as a lawyer’s address, adding a layer to the scam.

      If you or someone you know has been victimized by a similar scam involving, Luoyi Trading Co, Ltd, or any of the contact details mentioned, it is crucial to come forward and share your story. Your information could help in identifying patterns, providing support to other victims, and potentially aiding in the tracking of these fraudsters.

      Remember: Sharing specifics of your experience, including any communication, transaction details, and interactions, can significantly contribute to awareness and prevention efforts. Let’s work together to bring attention to these deceitful practices and support those affected.

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