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      It has come to our attention that a scam is actively targeting individuals in the cryptocurrency space. A victim, currently on medical leave and relying on a fixed income due to an on-the-job injury, has suffered financial loss. Here are the details that could be crucial for OSINT investigations and might help others identify similar scams and avoid them.

      Scam Details:
      – Scam Names: 1- VRBO 2- Expedia, masquerading under the domain
      – Scam Website: (Exercise extreme caution and avoid visiting this website as it is linked to fraudulent activities.)
      – Cryptocurrency Involved: Ether (ETH)/ERC20 Token
      – Transaction Hash: 0x167970d52cff7fd812c3ea3b1418363819c6ac88e9b17b00d372001f358e1b6c
      – Receiving Address: 0x803BD7f6346127E0098d8a6f4aA3996410097aC1

      Evidence of Transactions:
      – The screenshots provided by the victim show transactions of ETH sent to the receiving address, with transaction values and fees.
      – Transaction details from screenshots indicate the transfer of 1.23961 ETH ($3,424.66) and other amounts, with transaction fees noted.

      Advice to the Community:
      – Verification: Thoroughly verify the legitimacy of any website claiming to be associated with well-known companies, especially when they request cryptocurrency transactions.
      – Reporting: If you have been affected by this or a similar scam, report it to the relevant authorities, including law enforcement and online fraud databases.
      – Sharing Information: We strongly encourage anyone who has been a victim of these scam websites or addresses to share their stories. Collective information is powerful in preventing others from falling victim and aiding in tracking down the perpetrators.

      Request for Community Input:
      Have you or someone you know been scammed by these or similar fraudulent entities? Sharing your experience could be instrumental in alerting and protecting others within the community.

      Let’s work together to bring awareness to these fraudulent activities and provide support to those who have been affected. Your vigilance can make a difference.

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