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      Hello Community,

      I’m reaching out to share a distressing experience and seek assistance. Recently, I invested $927 in a website called, only to realize that it was a scam—they stole my money. I’m determined to take action against these fraudsters and would greatly appreciate any help in tracking them down and recovering my funds.

      To aid in the investigation, I have two contact numbers associated with the individuals from Metaelfs:

      1. +1 (646) 217-8336 – The person using this number introduced herself as Anisa.
      2. +1 (332) 250-9203 – This number is used by someone claiming to be Edwin, a customer service representative.

      I hope by sharing this information, we can not only work towards getting my money back but also ensure that the website is shut down to prevent others from falling victim to this scam.

      If anyone has advice, has encountered similar experiences, or knows how to proceed in such situations, please respond. Your support and guidance in this matter would mean a lot.

      Thank you for your attention and help.

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