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      Hello everyone,

      I wanted to share a distressing experience I encountered recently, hoping it might prevent others from falling into a similar trap. In October 2023, I came across a job posting on Facebook that promised to help global merchants improve their sales and reputation. The job required promoting reviews of various products, supposedly increasing sales and attracting more online shoppers.

      The communication was exclusively through Telegram, and the job entailed completing 40 tasks daily, with the promise of commission and bonuses. As the tasks progressed, they demanded money from me, which I transferred through various means, including PayPal, Wise, and direct wire transfers to cryptocurrency exchanges like Kraken and

      Names provided for transactions were MAKSYM HANTUKH, Ilona Kovalenko, and Olexandr Zaderiaka. A total of $32,000 was invested, with the expectation of a high return. However, after complying with all their requests, including a final transaction on November 22, 2023, I was led to believe I would receive a total of $71,584 in my account. Yet, the funds never arrived. They claimed my wallet address was suspected of illegal money laundering, asking for an additional $3,500 to release the funds.

      Upon contacting MetaMask support, I was informed that there was no issue with my wallet, and no transaction had been made from the alleged company. I’m sharing this to raise awareness about the sophistication of these scams and how they use social media platforms like Facebook to target potential victims.

      I urge everyone to be extremely cautious with job offers that require upfront investments or deal heavily in cryptocurrencies, especially those that initiate contact through social media platforms.

      Any advice or similar experiences shared would be greatly appreciated.

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