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      A recent victim from MO, USA, has reported a highly convincing scam that impersonated PayPal, involving an unauthorized order for Bitcoin and demanding payment via Apple gift cards. This post aims to warn others about the scam’s methodologies and invites anyone with similar experiences to share their stories, potentially aiding the collective effort to expose and combat these fraudulent activities.

      On October 19, 2023, the victim received an email falsely claiming to be from PayPal, thanking them for a Bitcoin purchase and stating that $800 would be deducted from their checking account. A phone number was provided in the email, through which the victim contacted “Kevin,” who informed them of an additional attempted theft of almost $2,000 from their account.

      Kevin instructed the victim to purchase two Apple gift cards, each worth $500, from Walgreens or Walmart, to supposedly secure their account. Despite challenges in purchasing the second card, Kevin remained on the call, guiding the victim through each step, including downloading the AnyDesk app, which gave the scammer remote access to the victim’s device.

      The victim was eventually directed to withdraw $500 in cash from their bank. Fortunately, the bank recognized the scam, prevented the further loss of funds, and took immediate action to secure the victim’s finances by closing existing accounts and opening new ones. The bank’s security department was notified, and the victim was advised to clear their phone of any malicious software at Best Buy Geek Squad.

      Key Details for OSINT Investigations:

      – Scam Description: Impersonation of PayPal, demand for payment via Apple gift cards under the guise of securing an account after a fraudulent Bitcoin purchase.
      – Contact with Scammer: Phone call with an individual named Kevin.
      – Technology Used: Email for initial contact, phone communication, and AnyDesk for remote access.
      – Financial Loss: $500
      – Location of Targeted Individual: MO, USA- 65804

      If you have encountered a similar scam or have been contacted by individuals demanding payment through gift cards, especially under the pretense of securing your online accounts or reversing unauthorized transactions, please share your story.

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