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      Urgent Warning to All, Especially Recent Graduates:

      A highly sophisticated scam operation has been reported, in which individuals are impersonating US Marshals. The perpetrators contact victims using official-looking numbers and are equipped with convincing details like badge numbers and contact information.

      Case Details:

      • Scam Type: Impersonation of US law enforcement, claiming investigation for drug trafficking and money laundering.
      • Transaction Hash: be5b563dd8e2670fa53b8cfc95d087f6723a083b7a56ab80da2db160d72570de
      • Receiving Bitcoin Address: bc1qeqlk0nze7a5tq60kc96wu9gx7j8gpsznqlz8ae

      This scam targets young adults, often those who have recently finished college, and exploits their inexperience and fear of legal issues. The fraudsters are prepared with personal information about the victims, increasing the scam’s perceived legitimacy.

      If you have experienced a similar situation or have been contacted by someone claiming to be a US Marshal or other law enforcement and demanding Bitcoin or any other form of payment, please share your story. This could be part of a broader scam network, and your input may help identify patterns and aid in ongoing OSINT investigations.


      • Real US Marshals will not call to demand payments or threaten legal action.
      • Always verify the identity of the caller through official channels.
      • Do not send cryptocurrency to anyone claiming to be law enforcement.

      Stay cautious, and if in doubt, contact trusted authorities for verification. Your vigilance can save someone else from falling prey to these criminals.

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