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      In an effort to protect our community from potential online scams, we’ve conducted an extensive investigation into and This detailed review unveils several alarming red flags and dubious practices associated with these entities. Exposed, registered in June 2022, presents itself as an online trading and investment platform specializing in cryptocurrencies. However, our investigation reveals troubling signs:

      – Unrealistic Promises: The platform offered daily profits up to 15%, a highly unrealistic figure in the volatile crypto market. Such guarantees are often hallmarks of Ponzi schemes.
      – High-Risk Leverage: Offering a leverage of 1:100, significantly amplifies the risk, potentially leading to substantial losses.
      – Dubious Contact Information: The site provided questionable contact details, including invalid addresses and non-functional social media links. A Similar Pattern shares concerning similarities with

      – Suspicious Registration: Registered in August 2022, the platform’s legitimacy is under question due to its brief registration period and lack of substantial traffic.
      – Shared Characteristics: It offers similar trading options and leverage, raising doubts about its operational integrity.

      The “Silwana Diamonds” Connection

      Both platforms feature connections to “Silwana Diamonds,” a group involved in various sectors. However, the legitimacy of this entity is questionable due to:

      – Lack of Regulation: Silwana Brokerage, part of this group, operates without necessary regulatory oversight.
      – Unrealistic Returns: Claims of consistent and high profits across various projects raise serious concerns.

      Conclusion: A Cautionary Tale

      The investigation into,, and their association with Silwana Diamonds highlights multiple red flags commonly associated with fraudulent schemes:

      – Unrealistic profit promises
      – High-risk financial practices
      – Inconsistent and dubious contact information

      We urge our community members to exercise utmost caution and conduct thorough due diligence before engaging with such platforms. Remember, if an investment opportunity seems too good to be true, it probably is.

      Stay safe and informed.

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