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      Here’s a complaint that was published on the BBB:

      I want to share my experience to warn others about a sophisticated investment scam on Here are the details:

      I was approached via Facebook by an individual named Brandon Mathis, who claimed to be an investor from a company based in Dallas, Texas. He provided a link to the company’s website, which appeared legitimate. After initial communication, I received emails confirming a deposit and was asked to send an additional $1,500 to complete my investment. However, when I checked my account, there was no deposit record. The company later confirmed via email that no deposit had been made.

      Despite my suspicions, Brandon insisted that the deposit was made and would only appear after I completed a total deposit of $2,000. I have received multiple emails from other victims with similar experiences. I initially made a deposit of $500, which was acknowledged in an email, but there was no record when I followed up. The company is now asking for an additional $1,000 to allow the withdrawal of my funds, which still show a zero balance. The emails from the company were unprofessional, and they advised me to handle the issue myself after I contacted the BBB.

      Useful Information for OSINT Investigations:

      • Website:
      • Scammer’s Name: Brandon Mathis
      • Location Claimed by Scammer: Dallas, Texas
      • Scammer’s Contact Information:
      • Phone: (226) 741-2156 (linked to a person named Josephine, described as a Korean individual with blonde dyed hair)
      • Initial Deposit Made: $500 (with requests for additional deposits totaling $2,000)
      • Communication Platform: Facebook (initial approach), Email (further communication)
      • Emails from the Company: Unprofessional and inconsistent, with false confirmations of deposits

      If you have been scammed by this same individual or company, please share your story. Your experiences can help build a case against these scammers and prevent others from falling victim to the same scheme.

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