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      Dear Community,

      It’s crucial to raise awareness about a prevalent scam affecting seniors, known as the “Medicare Covid Scam.” This fraudulent scheme preys on the fears surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and targets Medicare beneficiaries.

      1. Understanding the Medicare Covid Scam
      In this scam, perpetrators contact seniors, posing as representatives from Medicare. They falsely inform the senior about eligibility for a free COVID-19 vaccine or similar benefits. The scam’s goal is to obtain the senior’s Medicare number, which the scammers then use to fraudulently bill Medicare for unprovided services.

      2. Recognizing the Covid Vaccine Scam
      Key indicators of this scam include:
      – Unsolicited calls or messages claiming to be from Medicare.
      – Offers of COVID-19 vaccines or treatments in exchange for Medicare information.
      – Pressure to act quickly or provide personal information over the phone.

      3. Safety Tips
      To protect yourself:
      – Be skeptical of unsolicited communications from Medicare.
      – Never share your Medicare number or personal information with unknown callers.
      – Be cautious of offers that seem too good to be true, like free vaccines.
      – If in doubt, hang up and contact Medicare directly to verify the information.

      4. Recovering from the Scam
      If you’ve fallen victim to this scam, there’s hope for recovering lost funds through chargebacks or wire recalls. Chargebacks involve disputing a fraudulent charge with your credit card company, while wire recalls request your bank to reverse a suspicious wire transfer. Documentation and evidence of fraud will be necessary for both processes.

      5. Conclusion
      Awareness is key in combating the Medicare Covid Scam. Share this information with friends and family, especially those who are Medicare beneficiaries. If you encounter such a scam, report it to the authorities immediately.

      Stay safe and vigilant,

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