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      A critical warning has been issued regarding wisefexinvestmentfirm/wisefexinvestment, an entity unlawfully offering or promoting financial services and products without authorization. This firm operates without permission, potentially engaging in scam activities targeting individuals, particularly in the UK.

      Unauthorized Firm Details:

      • Name: wisefexinvestmentfirm/wisefexinvestment
      • Address: Flat 41 Brookfield Farm, Curzon St, Ibstock, LE67 6LA
      • Email:
      • Website:

      If you’ve interacted with wisefexinvestmentfirm/wisefexinvestment, proceeding with extreme caution is crucial. We urge anyone scammed or approached by this firm to share their story. Detailing your experience, including any communications, transaction details, and payment or cryptocurrency addresses used, can significantly aid in OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) investigations to uncover and combat such fraudulent activities.

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