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      Hello everyone,

      I wanted to share a recent experience I had, which turned out to be a scam attempt, to help others in this community stay vigilant.

      A person approached me, expressing the desire to use a cryptocurrency app called Trust Wallet for transferring money to me for special content. Initially, he sent $1,000 through a check to gain my trust. I deposited this check into my bank account.

      Once the funds were cleared, he instructed me to transfer this amount into my Trust Wallet account, promising to send more. However, when he tried to send additional funds, he claimed there was an “activation” fee of $900 required to send or receive money from my wallet. Considering his request, I thought of returning $900 to him to cover this so-called “activation fee.”

      Fortunately, I decided to contact Trust Wallet’s customer support first. They informed me that they do not charge any activation fees for sending or receiving money. They made it clear that there is no such fee in their app and indicated that this was likely a scam attempt.

      This experience was a stark reminder of the prevalence of scams in the crypto world. I want to urge everyone here to be extra cautious, especially with transactions involving significant amounts of money. Always verify such claims directly with the service provider before taking any action.

      Stay safe and always double-check!

      Thank you for reading, and I hope this helps someone avoid falling for such scams.

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