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      Dear Members,

      We are issuing an urgent scam alert regarding a website known as Bitcoin Bonus, currently located at This warning is to inform you about the dangers of push notification scams and to provide insights into this particular fraudulent scheme.

      Bitcoin Bonus Scam – A Closer Look

      A report from Cookeville, Tennessee, USA, dated February 9, 2023, submitted to the BBB (Better Business Bureau) highlighted a loss of $64 in a CryptoCurrency scam. The victim received a misleading push notification via Google Drive, leading them through a series of confusing and ultimately fraudulent steps on

      Website Overview:

      This domain was registered recently, on February 8, 2023, and is apparently owned by a Russian entity. Microsoft Edge flags this site as unsafe due to reports of misleading content that could result in personal and financial data loss. However, Google Chrome does not currently show this warning. The site seems to promote itself primarily through push notifications.

      Push Notification Scams Explained

      These scams involve sending fraudulent notifications that appear legitimate but lead to malicious websites or phishing pages. They are designed to deceive users into downloading malware, disclosing personal information, or making unauthorized transactions.

      Case Study:

      Upon visiting this site, a popup claims that the user has accumulated a significant amount of Bitcoin, urging immediate action to claim it. However, the process leads to a fake login page and potentially more fraudulent activities.

      Recent Complaint

      On August 8, 2023, we received a complaint from a user who was tricked into paying various fees totaling nearly $260 in Bitcoin, without ever receiving the promised funds.

      Bitcoin Bonus Review – Final Thoughts

      Bitcoin Bonus purports to be a cloud mining service, falsely claiming collaboration with Binance for quick fund withdrawals. This service is a well-orchestrated scam, aiming to deceive users with the allure of easy cryptocurrency earnings.

      Stay Safe!

      It’s crucial to stay vigilant and cautious when dealing with unfamiliar websites or notifications. Always verify the legitimacy of such alerts and avoid sharing personal information or making payments to untrusted sources.

      Please spread the word and help protect our community from such fraudulent activities.

      Stay informed and stay safe!

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