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      A new scam involving Bitcoin has been reported. If you have been in contact with someone named “Travis Hendricks” or have made transactions with a Facebook user using Bitcoin, please exercise extreme caution.

      Scam Details:

      • Scam Name: Travis Hendricks
      • Scam Contact: Facebook profile (exact URL needed)
      • Scam Receiving Address: bc1qaagwc0xdeue88593h00jgrzysnpgkha33sfafr (Please note that this address is being used for scamming purposes. Do not send funds to this address.)

      The scam seems to involve convincing individuals to purchase Bitcoin and then transfer it to the scammer’s address. Those conducting Bitcoin transactions should always verify the recipient’s identity and the purpose of the transfer.

      If you’ve encountered a scam by this individual or through any suspicious Facebook profiles, please share your experiences. Your input could help track down the perpetrators and potentially aid others in avoiding similar scams.


      • Only conduct transactions with trusted and verified individuals or entities.
      • Be skeptical of unsolicited offers or investment opportunities from social media platforms.
      • Sharing your experiences could save someone else from falling victim to similar scams.

      Stay safe and vigilant in the crypto space. If you’ve been affected by this or a similar scam, you are not alone. Sharing your story can be an essential step in preventing further incidents.

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