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      Scam Name: Dontai Schneider
      Scam Website:

      Details of Incident: A distressing case has been reported involving a single mother who was victimized by a sophisticated Bitcoin scam orchestrated by an entity named Dontai Schneider. Having borrowed money from relatives, the victim is now in debt due to this scam.

      Transaction Details:

      • Transaction Hash: 2J77DDN4
      • Amount: $500 (converted to Bitcoin)
      • Bitcoin Received: 0.00626987 BTC
      • Receiving Address: 17E8Zc6n1QqJAmHKbuCS3EQaqrWKWCLwKS

      Please share your story if you have experienced a similar scam, especially involving the same scam website or Bitcoin address. Any additional details you provide could be vital in preventing further victims and could assist in investigating this scam.

      This post is intended to alert the community and gather more information to help tackle this scam effectively. Please come forward with any information that could assist other victims or help track the perpetrators.

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