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      A fraudulent scheme has been reported on the Telegram messaging app, involving a supposed Bitcoin for cash exchange that resulted in the theft of Bitcoin without any cash being received. The scam is purportedly operated by an individual or entity named Russell Owens or associated with a ‘money flip’ scheme.

      Case Details:

      • Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin
      • Scam Type: Money flip / person impersonation
      • Fraudulent Transaction Hash: 52c4cdda907c9d023b764d791efe5d8360c98f053926b1c2f666d4b807a52382
      • Scam Name: Money flip / Russell Owens
      • Scam Platform: Telegram

      Bitcoin Withdrawals Associated with the Scam:

      • BTC Addresses Used for Scam Transactions:
      • bc1qply02zefjs636a2hg52nljfj0esfxtv0fezhkp

      If you have experienced a similar scam, please share your experiences to help build awareness and aid in ongoing investigations. If you have additional information, such as other transaction hashes, wallet addresses, or usernames associated with the scammer, your contribution can be valuable for Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) purposes.

      Remember, when engaging in cryptocurrency transactions, always verify the identity of the person or service you’re dealing with and use escrow services if necessary to ensure the security of your transaction. Stay vigilant and protect your assets.

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