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      Warning to the Bitcoin Community:

      A deceptive practice has been reported involving the website Individuals are being falsely promised Bitcoin gifts and then manipulated into making deposits with the lure of withdrawing a balance that doesn’t actually exist. Subsequent requests for additional funds make it clear that this scheme is fraudulent.

      Case Details:

      • Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin (BTC)
      • Scam Name: Dovamp
      • Scam Website URL:
      • Transaction Hash: 16f7ecb900116889d3e146a985745509e7ae88b4198ae85c484b0d5dfb1f8714
      • Receiving Address: bc1qnd2ne6lngptgfzh29cvpy842d3cpnh8h0ql7j2
      • Reported Loss: 0.0041 BTC (equivalent to $327 USD)

      Victims are enticed to deposit Bitcoin under the guise of unlocking greater sums for withdrawal. Once the initial deposit is made, additional demands are made for more funds. This pattern is a classic hallmark of a scam.

      If you have engaged with or have transacted with the receiving address mentioned above, your experience is important. Please share any additional transaction hashes, correspondence, or details related to this scam. Many victims are reporting similar experiences, often noticing too late that the site’s reviews are fabricated.

      Your information can help in investigating and tracking this scam, potentially aiding in identifying the scammers and preventing future fraud. By coming forward, you can contribute to a body of evidence that can be used to warn others and assist those who are trying to stop these malicious activities.

      If you’ve been scammed by, please tell your story and share any details you have. Every piece of information helps to build a clearer picture of the scam’s operations and could be instrumental in protecting the community.

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