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      A scam involving a cryptocurrency scheme has been reported on The fraudulent operation tricks individuals by appearing to deposit a large sum of money into their accounts. Victims are then coerced into paying a fee to withdraw this money. Unfortunately, after paying the fee, victims discover they cannot withdraw the promised funds, essentially losing any money paid to the scammers.

      Key Details for OSINT Investigations:

      • Scam Method: Victims are deceived with the promise of receiving a large sum of money, only to find they must pay a withdrawal fee, after which the promised funds are never received.
      • Victim Action: Unable to retrieve the promised money or recoup the withdrawal fees paid.

      Location of Targeted Person: SD, USA – 57103

      Date Reported: December 7, 2023

      If you’ve been affected by this scam through or if you’ve encountered a similar cryptocurrency scam, sharing your story could provide invaluable assistance to others. Your experiences can help to warn the community and gather more information for OSINT investigations. Please share any additional details you may have, including contact information you were given, transaction IDs, or any other communication with the scammers. Together, we can help to expose these fraudulent operations and protect potential victims.

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