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      Urgent Advisory to the Cryptocurrency Community:

      A new scam has been reported involving the Cash App and a fraudulent Bitcoin mining scheme named “Bitcoin” The scammer exploits users by making them believe they are investing in a legitimate mining operation.

      Scam Details:

      • Scam Name: Bitcoin Mining Partner Club
      • Fraudulent Association:
      • Scam Website URL: This scam has been associated with, but please note that the scammer may have used this legitimate website’s name to mislead victims.
      • Transaction Hash: bc1qzx97fzf552zk59p8g3jcxftllfnnhllelpumnt
      • Receiving Address: 247f7d021b281ab0ee90746ae88b464e643abd66b9595dff9a60c0e03d6a29d9 (This is derived from the provided hash and may be the scammer’s address.)

      Victims report that scammers accessed their Cash App account to perform unauthorized cryptocurrency transactions.

      If you have been affected by this scam, experienced unauthorized transactions via Cash App, or have information about the receiving Bitcoin address, please share your experiences. Your input may be crucial in tracing the scammers and preventing further fraud.

      Remember to safeguard your Cash App and other financial app credentials and enable all possible security measures to protect your accounts. Always verify the legitimacy of investment opportunities before transferring funds.

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