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      Hello Forum Members,

      Today, I’m delving into the deceptive practices of the “Onboarded  scam, particularly focusing on a concerning case involving “Variety Store HK HKG.” This scam is an alarming reminder of the need for vigilance in both online and offline shopping.

      Variety Store HK HKG – A Case Study in “Bait and Switch” Scam

      Understanding the Scam:
      – Definition: The “Bait and Switch” scam involves advertising a product at a low price to lure customers, only to push a more expensive or inferior substitute.
      – Evolution: Initially prevalent in physical stores, this scam has seamlessly transitioned into the digital realm, exploiting the trust of online shoppers.

      Case in Focus: The EZ Scooter Scam (Variety Store HK HKG)
      – Incident: A consumer ordered an EZ scooter at an attractively low price but received a pair of sunglasses instead.
      – Response: Multiple attempts to contact Variety Store HK HKG for a refund proved futile, highlighting the ‘Avoidance’ phase of the scam.

      Mechanics of the Scam:
      – Bait: Attractive advertisements of products at low prices.
      – Switch: Delivering a different, often inferior, product.
      – Avoidance: Evading responsibility and offering excuses or no response to consumer complaints.

      Variations of the Scam:
      – Adapted to different sectors like real estate, retail, online marketplaces, and services.
      – Uses sophisticated digital marketing to personalize baits based on browsing history.

      Prevention Tips:
      – Conduct thorough research on vendors before purchasing.
      – Be cautious of deals that seem too good to be true.
      – Use secure payment methods and read the fine print.
      – Report any suspicious activities to protect others.

      Legal Implications:
      – The scam is illegal in many jurisdictions, with violators facing fines, compensation mandates, and potential criminal charges.

      Complaints Received:
      – Example: An order of two beach chairs with a promise of two free ones never materialized.

      Conclusion: Vigilance is Key

      In the vast landscape of e-commerce, the “Bait and Switch” scam remains a persistent threat, exploiting consumer trust. The case of Variety Store HK HKG is a stark reminder of the importance of being vigilant and informed. As consumers, we must approach online deals with skepticism and prioritize our security by employing safe shopping practices.

      I encourage all of you to share your experiences or insights about similar scams. Together, we can raise awareness and prevent others from falling victim to such deceptive practices.

      Stay Alert and Safe in Your Online Shopping Endeavors!

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