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      I received a message from Chenyi Zhang on LinkedIn. Later, she requested to continue our communication on WhatsApp. Initially, she attempted to befriend me, portraying herself as a potential girlfriend. She showed me evidence of money she claimed to have made through, providing numerous pictures as proof. Zhang claimed her aunt was the Chairman of the Chinese Business Association in San Francisco, CA, and had access to trading point information for XAUUSD. She persuaded me to join her in trading, suggesting I transfer money to using cryptocurrency. She promised to provide trading points weekly.

      Zhang encouraged me to borrow money from friends and take out bank loans to invest in the trading scheme. We communicated through WhatsApp, and we had video chats 2-3 times. Her ID on LINE was listed as Victor Zera with the ID chen198619860808. The phone number she used on WhatsApp was 323-492-2546, and her email was

      I encountered problems when attempting to withdraw money from The platform blocked my withdrawal requests, and all attempts to contact them through emails and online support were unresponsive, appearing automated with no human interaction.

      Below is an email I received from Evest Life Group LP (

      “Hello! It is found here that your capital verification review has not been processed. If you have not cooperated with the regulatory authorities to conduct capital verification review, the platform will have the right to choose to directly determine that this account is abnormal, and the customer service will report the situation to the account manager and report your situation. The supervisory department will first permanently freeze your account and the platform will entrust a lawyer. All legal responsibilities incurred at that time will be borne by you personally. Please be informed.
      Account Manager, Evest Group Ltd

      “Dear users of Evest Group Ltd, the relevant regulatory agency has detected that your account is suspected of using digital currency to launder money, and the funds are currently frozen. According to the platform’s risk control and anti-money laundering requirements, the platform will verify risk account funds in accordance with the requirements of relevant regulatory authorities, verify the source of funds, and conduct verification operations from your commonly used digital currency platform. After verification, your funds can be restored to normal transaction status. Please contact online customer service within 3 days after receiving the email. Thanks for your cooperation!
      Account Manager of Evest Group Ltd

      I was scammed for a total of $73,000.

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