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      Greetings Community,

      I’m here to share an important review of Clark Financial Advisory Limited, particularly focusing on the website This review is based on a user complaint and further investigation into the platform’s legitimacy and operations.

      User Complaint: Investment Loss and Withdrawal Issues

      A user reported investing 4,100 euros in after being promised good profits. However, the platform demanded a 25% upfront fee for withdrawals and threatened to freeze the account, demanding an additional 20% for release. This led to a total loss of 4,100 euros for the user.

      Platform Overview:

      – Domain Registration: Registered recently, on January 12, 2023, for one year through ALIBABA.COM SINGAPORE E-COMMERCE PRIVATE LIMITED.
      – Global Ranking: Slightly popular, especially in Ireland.
      – Authority Score: Extremely low, indicating a lack of reputable backlinks and presence.

      Platform Services and Features

      Clark Financial Advisory Limited claims to offer an online trading platform with various account types. The platform emphasizes financial freedom and provides services such as personal account managers and insured trades. However, offering high bonuses and loans are potential red flags.

      Company Information and Address Discrepancy

      – Official Company: Clark Financial Advisory Limited is supposedly a London-based company, but discrepancies exist between the registered address and the website address.
      – Clone Warning: The FCA (UK Financial Conduct Authority) has issued a warning about a clone firm impersonating the authorized Clark Financial Advisory Limited.

      User Reviews and FCA Warning

      – TrustPilot Reviews: Predominantly negative, with users reporting scam-like behavior and difficulty in withdrawing funds.
      – FCA Clone Warning: The FCA has identified as a clone, using details of the legitimate company to deceive users.

      Conclusion: High Risk of Scam

      Based on the investigation, including the newness of the website, user complaints, and the FCA’s clone warning, it is highly likely that is a scam. Users are advised to exercise caution and avoid dealing with this platform.

      If you have any experiences or additional information about Clark Financial Advisory Limited or, please share to help others make informed decisions. Your insights are invaluable in assessing such platforms.

      Stay alert and always conduct thorough research before engaging with any financial service provider.

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