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      Urgent Alert to the Bitcoin Community:

      A scam alert has been raised involving a fraudulent service called “Coin Tracker,” which is contacting individuals via the email address Victims are being led to believe they are engaging in legitimate Bitcoin transactions.

      Scam Specifics:

      • Scam Name: Coin Tracker
      • Scam Contact:
      • Receiving Address: bc1qs8zqjpgp42x8zaaez4ejh30ljpaqxum6fpp8w7 (Please be aware this address is associated with fraudulent activities.)

      Sharing your story is critical if you have been affected by Coin Tracker or conducted any transactions with the receiving address mentioned. Your information can assist in open-source intelligence (OSINT) investigations and potentially help track down the responsible scammers.

      This is a call to action for victims and the wider community to share information regarding interactions with Coin Tracker or similar schemes. Your voice can help combat these fraudulent activities.

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