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      Have you also been scammed by

      Scam Details:

      • Scam Name: Quantum AI
      • Scam Website URL:
      • Receiving Address: bc1q4phawlmjnzdrsa7tym8s9p67p8eowcnkpjqges
      • Transaction Hash: 0x29bc4475962a74c0340af6f0005576ab5365063f585d64ece493035cefff41a3

      Victims have reported losing money to scams involving Bitcoin transactions through the fraudulent website, often associated with Quantum AI. One victim shared their experience of investing in Bitcoin through links claiming association with Elon Musk, only to be asked for additional fees without receiving any returns.

      If you have been scammed by the same scammer, please share your stories to help raise awareness and prevent others from falling victim to this fraud.

      Domain Analysis, associated with the Quantum AI scam, has been operational since January 2023. Registered through OwnRegistrar, Inc., the domain is set to expire in January 2025. It employs privacy protection services provided by WhoisSecure, with administrative and technical contacts based in Los Angeles, California. Hosting services are provided by Hostinger US, located in Boston.

      The fraudulent website has been known to lure victims through misleading advertisements, including false endorsements from prominent figures like Elon Musk. Victims have reported being instructed to invest Bitcoin via the platform with promises of significant returns. However, when attempting to withdraw funds, they are met with demands for additional fees, ultimately never receiving the promised payouts.

      Despite the platform’s attempt to appear legitimate, data from SEMrush indicates minimal online presence and poor domain authority. has no organic search traffic, few backlinks, and lacks visibility in search engine results. Review’s purported mission is to provide a transparent digital trading experience. It boasts about its professional investment services and high-impact trading platform.

      According to the content on the website, claims to be a registered company in Ireland since 2017, offering various insured services capable of generating good profit yields on crypto assets through trading. They assure investors of professional customer service, unique trading strategies, and optimum transparency and fidelity. Investors are promised returns of 3% daily over a span of five days, with no deposit or withdrawal charges, making it sound extremely lucrative and risk-free. The website provides contact information, including an email address ( and a physical address listed as 119 Rural Road, 3009 Freeland Avenue, Ireland.

      The website features several testimonials and success stories from satisfied customers who have earned significant returns. They also highlight an affiliate program offering a 10% commission for referring new users. Moreover, the platform is available on multiple devices and assures users of real-time market data, encrypted data security, and 24/7 customer support.

      Despite these claims, several red flags suggest may be a scam:

      1. Privacy Protection: Fraudulent sites often use WhoisSecure to mask the identities of the registrants to avoid detection and accountability.
      2. Unrealistic Returns: Promises of high and guaranteed returns (3% daily) are characteristic of Ponzi schemes and are not sustainable in legitimate investment markets.
      3. Inconsistencies in Registration Details: The website claims to have been registered in Ireland since 2017, but the domain was only registered in 2023, which raises questions about its authenticity.
      4. Dubious Certification: The provided membership certificate from the “Blockchain Council” appears to be fabricated, with discrepancies in dates and a lack of verifiable information about the certifying authority. Reviews

      Several reviews and verification tools reveal concerning details. WikiFX, a global broker regulation app, scores the platform at 1.1/10, warning of its unregulated status and potential high risk. There is no valid regulatory information, and the broker lacks trading software, raising suspicions. User reviews describe the site as a scam, employing psychological manipulation to steal money from innocent investors.

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