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      We have received a critical report of a cryptocurrency scam targeting individuals, and it’s imperative that this information is shared to prevent further victimization.

      Scam Specifics:
      – Victim Profile: A 73-year-old individual, currently recovering from a significant road traffic accident with impending surgery, has suffered financial loss due to this scam.
      – Cryptocurrency Involved: Bitcoin
      – Transaction Hash: For privacy and security, the complete hash has not been shared but can be found on Etherscan via the provided address.
      – Scam Operation Name:
      – Scam Website URL: (Caution: Do not visit this website. It’s listed here solely for identification and reporting purposes.)

      OSINT Relevant Details:
      – Transaction Details: Available for scrutiny on
      – Receiving Address: 0x4F9788B97C44057B1b393495B23ACFea66216901

      Urgent Advice to the Public:
      1. Verify Before Engaging: Always validate the credentials of any cryptocurrency investment platform.
      2. Report Immediately: If you have been affected by this scam, report it to law enforcement and cryptocurrency fraud agencies.
      3. Community Vigilance: We urge anyone who has had similar encounters with the above-mentioned scam or website to come forward and share their experiences to aid in investigations and awareness.

      Request for Shared Experiences:
      If you’ve encountered a scam by ‘’ or similar, please share your story. Your information could be instrumental in preventing further losses and aiding victims in their pursuit of justice.

      Together, we can create a more secure and informed community by shedding light on such fraudulent schemes and supporting those who have been affected.

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