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      Dear Members,

      I would like to bring to your attention an in-depth review of, a platform that has unfortunately been involved in fraudulent activities, misleading many of its customers. It’s crucial to understand the red flags associated with such schemes to protect ourselves from potential scams.

      Overview of presents itself as an ad agency connected to affiliate campaigns, claiming to offer an easy path to earning money through simple ad investments. However, this platform has shown to be deceptive, leading to substantial financial losses for its users.

      Red Flags and Concerns
      – Ponzi Scheme Resemblance:’s operational model closely mirrors that of a Ponzi scheme, lacking transparency and feasibility in its methodology.
      – Misrepresentation of Affiliate Marketing: They oversimplify the complexities of affiliate marketing, suggesting that success can be easily achieved with minimal effort.
      – Unrealistic Promises: The platform makes exaggerated claims about potential earnings without any concrete evidence or proof of success.
      – Lack of Transparency: There’s a notable absence of information about the platform’s founders or key employees, which is often a sign of a scam.
      – Dubious Practices and Connections: is allegedly linked with other questionable entities like and ClicksDealer, further casting doubt on their legitimacy.

      Customer Feedback and Experiences
      – Numerous Negative Reviews: Many users have reported significant losses, with some unable to withdraw their funds or facing unauthorized transactions.
      – Identity Theft Risks: The platform’s request for sensitive personal information raises serious concerns about identity theft and financial security.

      Alternatives and Precautions
      – Legitimate Platforms: For those interested in genuine affiliate marketing and PPC advertising, consider well-established platforms like Google Ads, Bing Ads, or social media advertising on Facebook and Instagram.
      – Educate and Research: Before investing in any online marketing ventures, thorough research and education in the field are essential to avoid falling into similar traps.

      Conclusion has unfortunately proven to be a scam, exploiting the allure of easy money in the digital marketing sphere. It’s a stark reminder that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Always approach such opportunities with caution, and prioritize platforms with proven track records and transparent practices.

      Stay informed and protect your hard-earned money from such deceptive schemes.

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