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      Hello Scam Reports and Alerts Community,

      I wanted to share a detailed review of, a website that’s been a cause for concern among many of our members and the broader online community. Our investigation aimed to provide clarity and help those who might have been affected by this platform.

      Background of
      – Registered on August 12, 2015, and updated recently in September 2023.
      – Hosted by BGPNET Global, protected by Withheld for Privacy ehf.
      – Low SEMrush Authority Score and minimal backlink presence.

      Services and Features:
      – Presents as a cryptocurrency trading and investment platform.
      – Offers digital currency contracts, margin futures contracts, and other financial products.
      – Claims to cater to both novice and experienced investors with a range of tools.

      Concerning Red Flags:
      1. Lack of Regulatory Information: No specific details about regulatory oversight, which is crucial for legitimacy in financial services.
      2. Complex Jargon and High-Risk Disclaimer: Overwhelming technical language and a disclaimer highlighting the high-risk nature of investments.
      3. Absence of Physical Addresses or Direct Contact Details: Makes it difficult to verify the operation’s legitimacy.

      User Reviews and Online Reputation:
      – Mixed opinions online, with a low trust score of 27% on
      – Users report tactics typical of scams, such as sudden fee increases and questionable profit claims.
      – Reports of difficulties in withdrawing funds and lack of transparency.

      Additional Concerns:
      – Unlicensed and unregulated status, raising questions about the safety of funds and data.
      – Limited user traffic and popularity, suggesting a lack of trust among online traders.

      Our findings suggest that presents several red flags that are commonly associated with investment scams. The lack of detailed regulatory oversight information, transparency issues, and the high-risk nature of cryptocurrency investments require potential users to exercise extreme caution.

      For those who’ve had experiences with, please share your stories here. It’s important that we all stay informed and support each other in identifying and avoiding potential scams.

      Stay vigilant,
      Forum Admin

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