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      • Scam Name: Crypto Investment Scam
      • Scam Website:
      • Transaction Hash: 36747fdd629975c6e9ac1e1e8f56aa8e952fb744d1103308adba0837d5fff19f
      • Receiving Address: TWnf6fT4MZC95vWdMt7neMz22GXUkGckia

      This alert is being issued to warn about a large-scale crypto investment scam operated through the website Numerous individuals, particularly in the UK, have reported significant losses, with many losing their life savings to this fraudulent scheme.

      Details of the Transaction:

      • Blockchain: Tron (TRC-20 Token)
      • Date & Time: March 30, 2024, at 21:54:01 (UTC+5:30)
      • Transaction Status: Sent

      Victims were enticed by promises of high returns on cryptocurrency mining investments. Various investment tiers, from low to extremely high contributions, all promised substantial daily returns.

      Please share your story if you have been affected by this scam, especially through transactions involving the mentioned address. Additional details such as transaction IDs, wallet addresses, screenshots of transactions, or communications with the scam operators could be vital for collective efforts to trace the operations of this scam and potentially aid in recovering funds.

      We strongly urge everyone to exercise caution and thoroughly vet any crypto investment opportunities, particularly those offering unusually high returns. Please report any suspicious activities to local authorities or financial regulators.

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