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      Important Alert for the Cryptocurrency Community and Public: A significant scam has been reported involving individuals named Vlad Azzam and Jett Blatter, with the latter allegedly operating or owning Sky Box Soles LLC, a New York-based entity. This operation is suspected to be a front for executing cryptocurrency scams.

      Scam Overview:

      • Targeted Victims: The scammers have coerced an underage individual into parting with over $10,000 from a bank account, followed by an unauthorized access and removal of $5,700 from a PayPal account, which was directly debited against a personal account of the victim’s guardian.
      • Criminal Tactics: The scammers’ approach involves sophisticated deception and unauthorized account access, highlighting their criminal intent and actions.
      • Financial Loss: A total loss of $16,500 has been reported by the victim.
      • Location of the Victim: VA, USA (20171)
      • Reported Date: November 30, 2023

      Information for OSINT Investigations:

      • Associated Names: Vlad Azzam, Jett Blatter, with possible connections to Austin Fine, Amanda Blatter, and an individual named Erin from South Carolina.
      • Business Entity: Sky Box Soles LLC, reportedly based in New York.
      • Investigation Actions: Financial entities are currently investigating the incidents. Alerts have been sent to the SEC, FBI, and FTC regarding the fraudulent activities.

      If you have been affected by Vlad Azzam, Jett Blatter, Sky Box Soles LLC, or have fallen prey to a similar cryptocurrency scam, sharing your story could be crucial in preventing future victims and aiding ongoing investigations. Please contribute:

      • Your Experiences: Detailing how you were approached, the nature of the scam, and any interactions with the scammers.
      • Evidence and Documentation: Screenshots, emails, transaction records, and any communications that could help in identifying and prosecuting the scammers.

      Reminder: This scam highlights the importance of vigilance in the digital finance arena, especially in dealings involving cryptocurrency. Always verify the legitimacy of entities and individuals before engaging in financial transactions.

      Together, we can work towards exposing these fraudulent schemes and safeguarding potential victims from financial harm. Your information and stories are invaluable in these efforts.

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