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      A new scam has been reported that utilizes TikTok ads to lure victims into a fraudulent scheme disguised as a “Warren Buffet Bitcoin Giveaway.” Users are misled into believing they can receive a fraction of Bitcoin from Warren Buffet but are required to authenticate their account by sending 0.005 BTC to a specified address. This post aims to shed light on the scam and gather more stories from affected individuals.

      Incident Details:

      – Date Reported: October 20, 2023
      – Location: NY, USA- 11206
      – Loss: $350

      The scam operates through an ad on TikTok, directing users to a website,, where they’re prompted to send a small amount of Bitcoin to “authenticate” their account for withdrawing a supposed gift from Warren Buffet. Unfortunately, this is a classic scam tactic—there is no gift, and the sent Bitcoin is stolen.

      Important Information for OSINT Investigations:

      – Fraudulent Website:
      – Ad Platform: TikTok
      – Scam Type: Crypto/Investment Scam – TikTok Ads

      If you or someone you know has encountered this scam or similar schemes, especially through TikTok ads, your insight is crucial. Please share:

      – Your experience, including any interactions and transactions with the scam.
      – The exact URL or addresses provided for sending Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.
      – Any contact information related to the scam, even if it appears to be generic or inconclusive.

      Your stories and the details you provide can help warn others within the community and potentially assist in tracking down the perpetrators behind these fraudulent operations. Let’s unite in exposing these scams and safeguarding our investments.

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