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      An alarming cryptocurrency scam has surfaced, exploiting social media platforms and falsely using celebrity endorsements to appear legitimate. The website in question,, has been identified as a fraudulent site, purporting to offer cryptocurrency giveaways that do not exist. This notice aims to inform and protect potential victims by exposing the scam’s details and encouraging those affected to share their experiences.

      Incident Overview:

      – Date Reported: October 21, 2023
      – Location: CA, USA- 92870
      – Financial Loss: $3 (indicative of potential for larger fraudulent activities)

      Victims are lured through social media channels with the promise of cryptocurrency giveaways, leveraging the false use of celebrity names to add credibility. Upon interaction, individuals find that the website offers nothing of value and is designed purely to deceive and defraud.

      Key Information for OSINT Research and Community Awareness:

      – Fraudulent Website:
      – Scam Nature: CryptoCurrency Scam exploiting celebrity endorsements
      – Reported Loss: $3, indicating initial testing or small transactions that could precede larger scams
      – Location of Scammer: Unknown, highlighting the need for vigilance across all regions

      If you’ve encountered or similar scams, especially those using social media and celebrity endorsements to promote fake cryptocurrency giveaways, your story is important. Please contribute by sharing:

      – Any direct experiences with the scam, including communications or transactions.
      – Specifics on how you encountered the scam (e.g., through which social media platform, any particular celebrity names used).
      – Details on any cryptocurrency addresses provided for transactions, as these can be crucial for tracking the scam’s operations.

      Your insights are invaluable in helping to alert and protect the community from these deceitful practices. By pooling our knowledge and experiences, we can offer a united front against the proliferation of such scams in the cryptocurrency space.

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